Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thoughts on Winning and Losing

Is it really losing if you don't win? Damn Skippy! So, our names weren't called as the winner of last night's Greenlight Award for best series concept for our movie review videos. We had more fun than we thought we would. Even though we were tremendously OVER-DRESSED, we did look dinosaurically fabulous!

SalGal was just gobsmacked at the dirty jeans, tattoos, retro, unwashed hair and black that was so dirty and worn it looked gray. Those film kids! We did meet some very nice yung'uns at the festivities and the awards show, and I passed out so many of our cards that my wrist hurts this morning. We feel like winners because the last thing that was said to us (by the announcer of the winners) as we were leaving the theater was, "You all had a LOT of support from inside the company." And, that just makes me giggle at the visual of those serious people watching our Marie Antoinette video and falling off their chairs laughing! So, we really did win.

You know, Reese Witherspoon is upset, and we should always pay attention to her, don't you think? She's upset and we are too at the fact that children now-a-days never lose anything. They're given a medal or trophy just for 'effort.' Reese said that losing her bid to become a cheerleader in high school helped to shape her life and bring her perspective. Although I don't know exactly how she felt because she was short, blonde, beautiful and perky in high school, I'm sure....I too tried out for the cheerleading squad in junior high school and not only lost but was mocked and reminded that at 5 feet 9 inches, 13 years old, braces, 110 pounds dripping wet and an arm span that rivaled a sandhill crane...I lost by several votes. That helped to shape my life as well, truly. I had to learn how to be funny to get the attention I wanted. How'm I doin with that? Hehehe.

SalGal and I have had our share of wins in our lives. The Ancient One was more likely to dole out the 'well-dones' if we won a swim race or gymnastic routine when we were yung'uns, and truth be told, we do have a BIT of a competitive streak, so we're moving 'onward through the fog' in search of a win at these blogging, video, book categories we now find ourselves in. We'll be sniffin' out the trophies, accolades and...oh, yeah...MONEY, cuz we certainly haven't seen much of THAT for these efforts yet. But, 'Something's coming, something good!'

Thanks for your support of our insanity!



We were not overly dressed we were properly dressed and we looked fabulous. Every one of those filmmakers ought to be ashamed of themselves. They looked like as soon as the award show was over they were going to go back home to the back seats of their cars.

As I said to KK the minute she told me we had been nominated as one of the four finalists, 'We have already won!!' The people at ONNetworks love us and that is just a validation of our superb talents as writers, comediennes and allround lovers of highjinks, tomfoolery and pretty restaurant bathrooms. We think of ourselves as winners and therefor we are. We didn't win this particular award given by the obviously homeless people and that just means the universe has something really magnificent in store for us!!

Losers are people who walk around with their heads down looking at the cracks in the world and that's not us. We look up at the sun on our faces and use SP45. When we are given lemons we go buy caviar and water crackers. Here's the thing...when you've seen the joke, you've seen the truth. WE are here to make you laugh and if we have managed to do that then we win.

Gotta go because we are preparing to make our Easter video and the Easter Bunny is out hiding in our back yard. He's got some splainin' to do...later,


prin said...

ooo, I remember those days...crying to my 6th grade teacher 'cause I was soooo much taller than almost everyone in the whole school. I thank God for her, she loved me and didn't think I was strange (probably 'cause she knew my mother and figured if I could live with that I had to come out normal)she told me to stop worrying about it because one day I would probably end up being the shortest person I that I'm old and shrunken :) I can take comfort in that she was right.
I'm sorry they didn't have sense enough to let you win...bastards.
They should have let your loyal readers vote! That would show 'em!

Sandeep said...

hey midlife gals! it's sandeep from the guild and it was great meeting you at the awards reception. i'm bummed you guys didn't win, but keep your heads up because your blog is hilarious. going to check out the vid you sent me now :)

Tequila Sheila aka Sheila E said...

You've been nominated at the Bloggers Choice Awards.

Everybody needs to go over there and vote for you.

Allison said...

Oh all are FAB U LOUS!

I am so sorry you did not come home with the final award, but SalGal is right on the winner/loser question. You two were winners the minute you stepped out into the blogosphere. And, mark my words, something magnificent your way comes. It cannot help but be, the chi is too mightily in your favor :)

Besides, if you can't beat 'em, well...dress better than they do, by Gawd! :)

absolutelytrue said...

Sorry you guys didn't get picked, but glad to hear that you still know you're winners.

Treasia said...

You are both winners in my book. As for kids who never lose, I agree 100% with you about this. Whatever happened to the good ole days of looking your child in the face and saying "You lost kiddo, better try harder next time"?

Mental P Mama said...

Y'all are winners to me!