Sunday, June 23, 2019

Audiobook Narrations ARE US!!!

That's right!  SalGal and KK are branching out...for a fit that suits us like a glove.  We are brand new audiobook narrators.  Let's face it...we ARE characters, no question or arguments there, so we KNOW about characters, and we LOVE characters, and we have too much time on our hands, which is nothing new.

This is a wonderful outlet, aside from our 'written-word', we can narrate YOUR written-word insanity or gravitas (and being happy while narrating sadness, death, tragedy takes SOME kind of talent...and a vodka martini at the end of a chapter or five!)...we GOT this!

All of us know SOMEONE who listens to audiobooks with but a few degrees of separation.  And, your homework for the day is to recommend us to any author whom you know who has written a book and wants to find the perfect VOICE for their story.

SPREAD THE WORD PEOPLE!!!  Contact KK at / SalGal at

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