Tuesday, March 25, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

A dear friend of mine sent me a partial list of 'favorite things' that he found on a legal pad in his father's house after he died:
chicken fried steak
the smell of rain
puppy breath and...
fresh green beans

My friend has his own list too which includes:
west Texas thunderstorms
the smell of a horse and...
anyone who is creative

I just love these lists, so I want to revisit mine in the hope that some of my favorites will trigger your own list:
a cat's purr
the feel of chinchilla
a hotdog at the ball park
the first spring crocus that I spot
a really great movie
good news in the mail
a beauty parlor shampoo
the smell of a horse
the sound of spurs when a cowboy walks
the sound of leather in a saddle
the smells of Italy
the sound of two old Italian women talking on the street
a shopping spree
the sounds of dove in the early morning

...I could just go on and on, but I'm tarnishing my cynical image with all this schmaltz, aren't I? Today is just an exquisite day in the Texas hill country. Have a GREAT day wherever you all are and spend all day today thinking about your own lists...write them down!



I think it's a great way to be grateful. Spring is for new beginnings, fresh starts and animals screwing each other in the yard.

I love the smell of Wysteria, the garlic that wafts down 6th Street and the top of my cat's head.

I love the taste of Stubb's Bar-B-Q, Fino's basil Mojitos and man-skin.

I love the sound of Garth Brooks, wind chimes in the trees and cat's feet running through the house. The last one sounds like fairies are scampering about just out of sight.

I love to look at pretty, young men and The Ancient One when she's asleep. Looking at KK in our videos makes me laugh every time.

I love to touch roses, stone sculptures, birds and elephant skin. The world is so full of so many amazing things to experience; food, art and crispy oysters at Jeffry's - nighttime laughter, KK's grilled cheese sandwiches and skinny-dipping at Hippie Hollow. (I haven't done that in about 30 years)

My favorite thing of all though is to make people laugh. It's good for you. You live longer the more you laugh. You are healthier and you don't have time to honk at people when you're laughing. It feels good to do it, hear it and participate in it. It's like a strong drug that is free, over-the-counter and multiplies as you pass it around.

So today I'm going to be grateful for everything I see and think of weird ways to make people laugh. Don't tell KK or she will get worried. I can just hear her now, "SalGaaaal...what are you theenkeeeng...?'


dot's daughter said...

Hey gals, I am new to your blog and am enjoying it. I too have an ancient one in my life. She is 90. We daughters of the ancient ones need to support each other. Keep it light. That is the way to get through it all. Well, that and my favorite thing....dark chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sal! We miss you in Hell-A, I guess you aren't coming back though! Saw a blurb about ur blog in "More" magazine, not knowing it was you....then there you were! Our life paths keep crossing, first Santa Fe and Wyatt, then LA and Central, now on-line! Sounds like you are in Austin, my home town...maybe we'll have a margarita next time I come. My brother still lives there, although we lost our own "ancient one" last May. I envy you gals Spring and the bluebonnets, my favorite time of year! You know what they say, you can take a girl out of Texas, but you can never take Texas out of the girl!! All the best...kw :)

Snooty Primadona said...

Sal you'd be right @ home @ my house... and I could pay some hot young guys to parade in front of my Wisteria ever so often as the cat swings by for a quick rub in time to the Garth Brooks cd in the background, just for grins.

Ummm... I have elephant skin on the stretched-out-after-two-10-pound-kids-stomach, but I'll be damned if I'd let ya touch it, lol.

Greats posts Gals!

Debbie in NC said...

Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies and so is this song. I sing it quite often, really! This is a wonderful tribute to gratitude and I am going to blog about it also...soon. A lot of your favs are mine also! Love you guys!

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

Sip of Margarita, adjusting Tri- focals, Laughing ass off

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