Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Sandwich Scouts

The nicest man wrote a glowing comment to us about the Midlife Gals this morning. He has more experience with Ancient Ones than anyone since he was in family-practice medicine specializing in geriatric care for 31 years! He's retired now and wants to give us all MERIT BADGES for our work with our own Ancient Ones. Isn't that a FANTASTIC idea?? Here is the link to Sandwich Scouts

I love this man (although he has a wife, and I'm sure she's probably very pretty and nice and everything, but...)I love him! He totally gets our need for humor, even the wacky humor coming from The Midlife Gals. And yet, he's STILL got empathy after taking care of ancient ones for so many years. People like this are ANGELS and should be heralded.

If you are taking care of an aging parent, you gotta go to his site and tell all of your friends so he can expand his merit badge network. If I just knew how to sew, I'd make a sash like we wore in the Brownies and attach his badges all over it, because after perusing what his badges are for, Sal and I qualify in almost every single category!!! As of now, you can simply download any merit badge you think you're entitled to...and since it's the honor system, you can lie your ass off about it, thus making yourself feel so much better as you print your badges. SalGal and I are making a border on our 'magic room' wall of all the badges we've earned. We're so proud already!

Have fun with 'Dr' Phil (his name is Phil) and let him know who you are!!

KK and SalGal

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