Thursday, July 18, 2019


KK has done it!!  Not only is her comic mystery novel available on Amazon/Audible and in paperback, she actually NARRATED the damn thing!  Let's just call her audio style 'irreverent.' Yeah, that's it...maybe add 'sarcastic,' 'deeply melodic,' 'dramatic,' 'Texan,' and of course...SPOT ON!  

Her first audiobook review says it all...or most of it anyhoo:

Wildly entertaining and laugh out loud 

This is a crazy tale written and told by a gut-busting funny Texan, Kelly Jackson. The story itself is worthy but Jackson's narration brings it to life so we feel like we are there experiencing it all with her. The reading is dramatic and lively, but also comic and artistic. Ms. Jackson is a huge talent who does it all.