Wednesday, October 10, 2007


If Merle Haggard had met me years ago when he and I were younger and better looking, he would have asked me to marry him, and because I have the "Yes, I will marry you" gene, I would be Mrs. Merle Haggard today! He only wrote and sang the most beautiful, pitifully sad country song ever written, "Misery and Gin." I get goose bumps whenever I hear any Haggard song on the radio. When his voice goes deep, I get that tingly feeling all the way down to my vajayjay!

Here's the conundrum. I feel exactly the same way about Placido Domingo. Opera and country music...I am in love with them both. When I saw Placido sing Nessun Dorma at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, I cried like a baby, lept up at the end screaming BRAVO until my voice was gone and lusted after him for years afterward...still do.

I'm suspect in my musical taste range as you can see. The first time I heard the Beatles on the radio, I thought they were young black men from Mississippi. I argued wtih my friend who told me they were British. I just didn't believe it.

Music brings up memories for me that are visceral. Whenver I hear Jethro Tull, I want to take LSD. The Doobie Brothers make me want to smoke some hash, and Elton John makes me want to Burn Down the friggin Mission on speed! Bonnie Raitt makes me cry and gnash my teeth because You Can't Make Him Love You if He Won't, and Joni Mitchell makes me want to don a black beret and live in Paris on the left bank.

I turned the radio dial when punk, hip-hop and gansta rap came along. Those musical styles just washed off me like water off a duck's back. Give me George Strait singing I'll Be Somewhere Down in Texas if You're Lookin for Me. And, if I weren't old enough to be John Mayer's mother's sister, I would marry him too. Mick Jagger didn't do a thing for me. He's so ugly, I mean, come on! But, James Taylor made me swoon.

So, I'll keep groovin to the Beach Boys, singing at the top of my lungs to Carly Simon and beeboppin to the Four Tops as I grow older. Give me the Three Tenors or give me death!


I'm an actor so it's only natural that I love show tunes. Often I will just break out into song for no reason.
KK and I were born in Lubbock, Texas and then raised in Midland. We hated it in west Texas. No trees, no mountains or hills, just vast expanses of sky and brown. So one of my favorite country songs is, 'Happiness is Lubbock Texas in my rear view window'. My second favorite is, 'Nobody wants to play the rythm guitar behind Jesus, Everybody wants to be the lead singer in the band'.
I like the blues, the kind that you hear old people play in little clubs in New Orleans. They always have a cigarette hanging out of their mouth as they play their guitar and you know they just smoked a joint out in the alley with a two dollar whore. Love that stuff.
I like 60's music. Johhny Crawford and Leslie Gore were my favorites. 'It's my Party and I'll Cry If I want to...' and Johnny sang 'I'm Mister Blue' and played the kid in 'Rifleman' which was one of my favorite TV shows. And speaking of that, 'Have gun will travel reads the card of a man. A knight without armour in a savage land, his fast gun for hire reached the calling wind...a soldier of fortune is the man called...Pallidin!' I don't think I spelled his name right. I know all the words to the theme song of 'Rawhide' and the movie (the first one with John Wayne), 'The Alamo'.
I had an audition for a big movie last week and the casting director asked me to sing a song so I broke out the one Paul Newman sang in 'Hud' or 'Cool Hand Luke' I can't remember which one but I still remember all the word after 40 years. "I don't care if it rains or freezes, long as I got my plastic Jesus....fastened to the dashboard of my car. Comes in colors pink and pleasant, glows in the dark cause it's irridescent-take it with you when you travel far."
Well, I could go on and on with the kind of music I like so I'll just leave you with another of the ones I sing all the time and especially when I'm doing the dishes and looking out at the garden.
Fogeye, piefoot, redbone, dragalong
Coof all night you can still hear his song.
Runnin with the moon on a blackfaced riverbank,
Flatfoot and fickly with a coon on the run.

Redbone hound...come and get your belly up,
Lyin on your tail... all day long.
The mist is risin in the Cripple Creek Holler,
Gonna run till the dew on the grass meets the sun.

Old fogeye been rackin through the beanfield,
Diggin up the cornseed, he can't do more.
Uncle Jack says he's goin for his shotgun
Gonna nail his hide to the chicken house door!

Redbone hound...come and get your belly up,
A lyin on your tail... all day long.
Mist is risin in the Cripple Creek Holler
Gonna run till the dew on the grass meets the sun.

Isn't that fun? When you sing it real low it's really pretty.

Happy trails to you, until we meet again. Happy trails to you, keep smilin until then..

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