Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ask, Ask, Ask...

How midlife asking differs:

Asking is not for the faint-of-heart! But, it works wonders if you have the cojones. My grandaddy always told us that if you can't get the answer you want, go to the top brass, skip the middleman and assume that someone in power will welcome your query. The worst thing that can happen is that they say no, right? It just leaves you in the same position as you were before you asked. I've learned at this age that if they say "No," you just say, "Next?"

I've also learned that it's okay to 'embellish' the truth...okay, lie about the reasons for your request if you have to. When I asked for a raise, I got it. Granted, my mother was not really sick and I wasn't going to use the extra money for her care, I was going to use it for MY care...but I didn't think she would mind. As a matter of fact, she said, "Use me if you have to." so I got permission for that embellishment.

I've asked Nora Ephron to be my writing mentor. She's a famous playwright, movie producer and author of my favorite book, "I Feel Bad About My Neck." I thought I knew someone who was a few 'degrees' closer to her than I, so I sent her a letter suggesting that my friend said it was okay to use her name in trying to get to Nora. It was only after I received an email from my well-connected friend that I realized she didn't know Nora, but wished that she did. I'll do almost anything legal to receive the 'yes' I seek, because I just don't have time for 'no's' anymore.

I've also learned that you have to be careful about asking for what you want because you're likely to get it, so I pick and choose more carefully now. Like, when I asked to be married, I wasn't specific enough apparently. I should have asked the universe for one long, happy marriage, not three bad ones!

And, Nora, if you're reading this blog, please forgive me for my 'embellishment,' and say the word I want to hear...YES, YES, YES!

Ask on...


I would like to ask how they get the lead into pencils. I am also asking the universe to give me $6,000,000.00 dollars. That's good for a start and then I can build on that. I ask KK all the time what she is writing and I enjoy reading the answers. She's a good writer, don't you think? She will be published soon. Her novel is fabulous.
I ask my cat, Buddy what the fuck he thinks he's doing when he continually pushes things off of tables but he can't speak human so I don't get any answers. I ask my gas station attendant to please wipe the bird poop off the top of my car and he does! So, see, it works!!
Ask me anything, I'll give you the scoop and please respond if you know how they get the lead into pencils,

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