Saturday, October 20, 2007

Character Development on KK and SalGal

KK is still at some ranch in the middle of Texas with her highschool girlfriends, drinking and partying and having a good time, I hope. The Ancient One and I have commented that it feels like there is nothing happening here.

I miss her comtrails as she jets from kitchen to laundry room to livingroom to bedroom to office computer and back again. She is always a whirlwind of activity and 'chores' as she calls them. I am usually having my first cup of coffee as she finishes the laundry, her blog comments, one hour of meditation, feeding the cats, doing her morning affirmations and then bathroom time preening which generally takes her forever. Just as I'm ready to make mine and the Ancient One's breakfast and get another cup of coffee, KK is out the door to do her errands and looking like a movie star on her way to lunch at The Ivy. Mother just looks at the screen door as it shuts and goes, 'whew'. By then it's 8:30 in the morning and I'm exhausted just from trying to figure out where the hell she is going. She wakes up in the dark for God's sake.

I always try to get presentable before she gets back but that's only out of embarrassment. While KK is like a worker ant that can lift ten times her weight to take food back to the hill, I am the dung beetle trying to dig a nest into a pile of water buffalo shit so a lemur won't eat me.

I'm missing my sister and her sharp wit and willingness to call Time Warner and other such companies that have automated answering machines. I think the cats miss her but it's hard to tell with them. The Ancient one is happy as long as Fox News is on and 'Boston Legal' is recorded on the DVR.

I bet you miss her too,

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