Thursday, October 18, 2007

KK's Absence

My sweet KK is off to another one of her girlfriend weekends and I'm alone with the ancient one. KK still has girlfriends from highschool and they get together for weekend partying regularly. This time they are all meeting at a ranch somewhere in the middle of Texas. They drink and cook and smoke and talk and talk and talk.

Leave dishes in the sink
Feed the cats too much (not on purpose)
Watch scary movies on TV
Wake up late
Take a nap on her bed
Try on her clothes
Wear her shoes with the white bows on them
Eat pork rhinds
Sing out loud while on the computer
Play Jewel Quest with the sound on
Let the cats play in the garage
Use her fancy soap
Let mother have everything with butter on it
Drink bourbon
Ride down the block in the ancient one's Jazzy Scooter

These are all things that KK cautions me about. Nyuck, nyuck. I will of course hide all of the evidence before she gets back on Sunday and all will look normal except mother and the cats will be fatter.

When the cat's away, the mice will play,

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