Thursday, May 15, 2008

Midlife Gals Makin' Mischief

We'll be back to blogging come Monday, but right now, we're spending the next few days making a film! We're shooting a 30-minute pilot for the sitcom that we'll then try to sell to HBO, Showtime or any other cable or network channel...think Lucy and Ethel (after those deadbeats, Fred and Desi)!

We're having a ball and will be able to post some photos and maybe some video soon. Thanks for your patience. We can promise some sick stories upon our return.

Please come back on Monday!!!!!!!! Don't desert us.

KK and Sal


Bear Naked said...

Good luck you two. I imagine you will have some great stories to tell us when you get back.
Break a leg.

Alice said...

Just found you guys - I appreciated your quitting-smoking post as that's sort of what I go through too. Good luck with your pilot!

forsythia said...

Hope you sell it to HBO. We don't get Showtime.

Rhea said...

The sicker the better.

That girl from Shallotte said...

Love, love, love y'all! Stumbled upon you through Alice at elegantthimble and have added you to my favorites and forwarded you to my mama, my aunt and my favorite gay boyfriends!