Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Making OF..."Acceptable Insanity"

We're ba'ack! What a blast! If you've never made a movie, make one for Jesus'sake. Of course, SalGal has been involved in one way or t'other in the movie biz for some 25 odd years...check out her IMDB resume

She ran our shoot like a damn PRO and laughed and giggled with all the rest of us. Here are a few photos from the set: The cast and crew at lunch above...we were hungry, whatdoyouwant??

SalGal in director mode and in costume for the Cowpoke's Ball

KK in costume for The Cowpoke's Ball and

Sal and Pam preparing for a scene

and...the cowpatty cake!!

Here's the gist: The Midlife Gals (with Pam as their social secretary) try to crash a veddy swanky ball by creating an item for the auction (the cowpatty cake). Their efforts are thwarted by the social 'hostess with the mostest' in the A-Town. She also happens to be having an affair with the smarmy station manager of the public access channel which The Ancient One owns and on which the Midlife Gals have a weekly program discussing all the social goings on in the city.

No one wants the Midlife Gals to crash their parties, but that hardly slows them down!

And, here is a short video of The Ancient One from behind with her 'crop-circle' hair from her pillow on the couch. Sal is discussing a scene of us making the cow patty cake for the Cowpoke's Ball. We don't actually make the is made by the MOST wonderful 'Ace of Cakes' in Austin...Cakeism. Wayne is the sound guy and Matt the cinematographer. Hehehe....

Now we sell it to HBO and we're on our way. You didn't think we'd actually SHOW you the pilot...oh, no. You have to stay tuned for that on TV!!

KK and SalGal


Bear Naked said...

Looks like you gals were having a great time. Hope you will be able to post the good news soon that the movie was accepted.

Mage And George said...

Miss matched buttons, ceiling shots, and crop circle hair. Have another swig on me.

Snooty Primadona said...

I hope cocktails were enjoyed all around. Sounds like you've both been kicking ass. I love it!

Let me know when HBO (or whoever) buys it & I'll buy the champagne next time I'm in town.