Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Birthday coming up!

You're lucky this notice is just on the blog. I used to stop people in the street to tell them that my birthday was coming up. This year there are only 6 more shopping days until the big day! My birthday falls on the only day in our calendar year that, along with being a number, is also a VERB! To March 4th!!! This will help you to always remember.

I'll be 56 on Tuesday which really means that I'll be starting my 57th year. You see, for those who don't follow this logic...when you're 1 year old, you've actually just spent your first year and are starting your second, so we're all a year older than we really think we are. Isn't that depressing at this age?

And, because this birthday starts my downward spiral toward 60, I'm having to brace myself for about five minutes of deep depression on March 4th. That's about as long as I can ever go on being depressed. Then I remember how short a trip our little bleep on earth really is, and kawhammy!, I'm back to gratitude, glee and laughter.

SalGal and I have planned the MOST fun day! She's given me a Segway Tour for my birthday! You know, Segways are those space-age-looking modes of transport that you see here. We'll toodle all around downtown Austin on these contraptions, then we'll take a tour of our state capital building, which I'm ashamed to say I've never done, then tea in the afternoon at the Four Seasons, capping off my day at a dinner with friends.

Oh, and when it's your birthday, you get to MAKE everyone do exactly what you want them to do. I like to try this every other day of the year, but people don't always cooperate, but on this day, that's it!

Happy birthday to me! I'll tell you all about it next week.



Oh, goody, goody...I love birthdays - anybody's birthday. You get to go shopping for presents and planning fun stuff to do and it's just a gas. I got KK the latest Ultimate Garth Brooks CD/DVD and some really cool Cole Haan spectators that she wanted. She already knows what she's getting because she not only tells you what she wants, she gives you the page from the catalogue, writes down her sizes and then brings up the gift on your desktop. She has some surprises coming too though but I can't tell you what until the day after her B-day.

If there is no one to be with you or give you a present on your birthday, you should go somewhere on your own and celebrate. Go somewhere where you've never been before that you always wanted to see or go to your favorite place and have a glass of wine and tell all the employees that it is your birthday. Celebrate it. Celebrate yourself.
Do a Segway Tour or go look at open houses in the Ritzy part of town. Buy yourself a useless, pretty object, make everybody you see wish you 'Happy Birthday' and make people buy you drinks until you are shitfaced.
If you're an alcoholic you can't do this but you can eat cake and ice cream until your belt pops open. Celebrate your life!


brneyedgal967 said...

Just hope she doesn't get you a catheter or one of those recliner-lift chairs. Then you know you're in real trouble. Eeek!


Snooty Primadona said...

Hey KK... At least SalGal isn't making you LEAP off tall buildings or out of planes at a gazillion feet high in the sky. I'm afraid I'd be THAT kind of sister, lol.

You're blessed to have a funny Sis that puts up with all your crazy antics, adding her own into the mix in the process.

You two goofs are way more fun than a barrel of old farts, I mean MONKEYS.


Mental P Mama said...

Too much fun! Is the Ancient One coming along for a ride?? Make sure to document the whole thing for us.

Janice Watson said...

Happy birthday KK hope you have a great time.I read you everyday here in the UK. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday KK!

From Cawfeeland Washington....