Thursday, February 14, 2008

Contest Winners

I saw a story on television this morning about another deserving family who won a cruise vacation. They were deserving because their son has leukemia, the mother's father died this year, her husband was in a car accident and can't hear now and the dog ran away and never came back.

That got me thinking of course, and here's my conundrum about this...why don't they give away houses, trips, cars and cash to people who wake up each morning with everything they desire, a well-adjusted, happy and healthy family, a good business and hope a'plenty. Isn't this a deserving family?

I've had my share of tragedy with a daddy who died unexpectedly when I was a small child, etc...yada, yada, yada...I could go on, but shouldn't we be rewarded because we rise above any circumstance and feel happiness no matter what happens in our lives, thus producing success and creativity, an attitude that draws great things to us?

You might say, "Well, KK...the rich, happy person doesn't NEED a vacation or a car or house, especially a FREE one," to which I would reply, "Show me someone who doesn't want ANYthing for FREE, and I'll show you a liar!"

The winners-who-already-have-everything would maybe complain about the bath towels and thread count of the sheets more than the deserving-winning-family, and they would for sure want Dom Perignon champagne in their ship state room instead of Moet Chandon.

So, I suppose giving free stuff to someone who already has everything is perhaps an odd idea, but it sounded so good to me when I first thought it up this morning. Now that I see it on cyber paper, it appears somewhat selfish. So, I take it all back (kind of).

Never mind



Yeah, but we don't have everything. We have good senses of humors, cute clothes and cars that run, but we don't have limitless incomes, a big enough house or money for home care for The Ancient One. We're not bereft or pathetic but I say we deserve a few niceties. Someone should just give us a trip to Bali because we make people laugh, love all animals and can't afford Victoria's Secret silk, lace underwear. Okay, you're right we don't deserve a handout. We have more than most people in the world and we drink alcohol. We cuss and laugh too loud and support Heifer. We have our friends' backs, give money to bums and try to make wallflowers feel good about themselves. Every spring we take a road trip into the hill country to see the wild flowers. That doesn't cost anything. ...and neither does swimming in the Four Seasons pool in the summers. Well, hell, they don't know who is really staying there and they are too gracious to ask. They assume that we...uh, oh I mean uh ...I think I'll just stop here.


Little Town Big Life said...

How often have I wondered the same thing???!!! What about mid income gals, who raised their kids to be less than serial killers, work 2 jobs to have extras to spend on their grown kids & grandchild. Have a husband who has lost his hair & most of his hearing, along with his energy??? The one who meets all her bills, keeps a "sorta" clean house, is responsible, takes care that ALL of the extended family is well and happy---------couldn't we just go on and on??? We deserve a break today and I'm not talkin McD's!!!!

You gals are phenominal! Write a book & I'll promote it!!!!

Janie said...

I'm with little town big life...I deserve something good like that! (But don't we all???)

Sheila E said...

Being from an accounting background, anytime I see people win "fabulous prizes", all I can think of is the taxes they'll have to pay for it.

TripTheLady said...

hmmm.... interesting concept. overcoming the past is often a difficult struggle for many of us. i know it has been for me. i don't think i will be winning anything for it tho - i have no intention of sharing my past :x lol!