Sunday, February 17, 2008

Musta Notta Gotta Lotta...

Our Hungarian friend is going to struggle with this one! Joe Ely, from Lubbock, Texas, is just about my most favorite singer/songwriter. He wrote "Have you ever seen Dallas from a DC-9 at night?" Remember that one? What a great song. And the title of this posting comes from his song, "I Musta Notta gotta lotta sleep last night."

Shall we have some fun with THIS line?? I think yes. Let's see, "She musta notta gotta lotta sense to marry that old geezer!"

"I musta notta gotta lotta good advice at the bar last night or my head would'nt be hurtin so badly."

"I musta notta gotta lotta friends over the years or it's just my breath that's bad."

"I musta notta gotta lotta try in me or I woulda coulda shoulda done better."

"He musta notta gotta lotta responses from his online dating profile when he said that he was only interested in motorcycles and whores!" Or...maybe he did.

"We musta notta gotta lotta nurturing or we'd say sweeter things about The Ancient One!"

"They musta notta gotta lotta warning about how freakin HOT it gets in Texas or the first settlers woulda just kept on moving!"

"You all must notta gotta lotta things to do to be reading THIS!




Okay, my sister, KK has gone completely bonkers. How am I supposed to respond to this drivel? This is a woman with an incredible mind and this is what is occupying it today. She must be bored.

I happen to know that the guy who hangs out with whores and is only interested in motorcycles is a real guy whose profile KK saw on an online dating service. Perhaps she just needs to get laid but musta notta gotta lotta normal guys to answer her own profile that has a list of one hundred things she wants in a man, none of which includes a Harley or the matching truck stop harlot that occasionally comes with it.

One of KK's quirks is that she loves colloquialisms and takes great delight in making up long, involved stories just so she can use one at a cocktail party. She accuses people of lying just so she can say, 'Oh, that old dog won't hunt' and takes pride in bringing down arrogant men with a purposefully loud, 'Make him take off that Stetson he's all hat and no cattle!'.

I musta notta gotta lotta patience for this sort of thing but I do remember one of these from high school that made us laugh and you have to be a Texan to pull it off. Say this out loud:


Translated this means literally:

Them are pigs
Them are not pigs
Oh yes they are pigs
Well, I'll be, them are pigs

Hahahahaha I love that one,


NC Crazy said...

Hi Midlife Gals,
I love your Blog, I look forward to reading a new entry every couple of days. I for years would take my two girls to the local Hotels to swim, always hated the county club pool. For some reason I just didn't fit in with my full pack of smokes, trashy novel and and no good gossip to add. I would tell the girls not to tell anyone where we were from just to refer that question to me.
My Mother lives with me but I don't have a special ame for her, that 's not true just not sure I should put it out there in the internet..... Keep up the GREAT work, you all say things the way I think. If you knew me you would be afraid, very afaird. I look forward to the week ahead and reading your adventures in Texas.

Crazy in NC

Kacey said...

well, I musta notta gotta lotta people telling me last night to hold off on that last margarita...

Mental P Mama said...

Y'all are the absolute best. Vodka inuendo intended. I just came back from Nashville, where I took my kids to Vanderbilt, my High School, my mother's grave, and a whole bunch of martinis.
Keep it up. And keep on loving that ancient one!

Egghead said...

Well I feel for your Hungarian friend. Shame, shame, shame trying to confuse her. Ha! ha!

Christine said...

you guys are insane. I love you. am laughing so hard right now at salgal's response

hungarianwoman45 said...

Hi KK,
your post MUSTA been very interesting for the others,but there're NOTTA LOTTA things in it I'm able to understand perfectly.I GOTTA give it up this time...

Anonymous said...

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! Thanks for putting a smile on my face every day. I'm a writer who is afraid to write but when I just have fun and let it go like you guys do, I can really "have at it"! Thanks, Molly Rose