Monday, January 14, 2008

Women of the Blogosphere ARE HERE!!

We have received our monthly copy of MORE Magazine with our blog featured in what they call a 'charticle.' 30, "Women of the Blogosphere." It's the issue with Va-Va-Voom Vanessa-The-Undressa on the cover.

Run, don't walk to the nearest book store, drug store, grocery store...whereEVER they sell this magazine and pick one up. We're so excited and proud we could SPIT!

What really cracks us up is the title of the article...Women of the Blogosphere. It sounds so lofty, doesn't it? Like we've been doing this for years, when in reality, back in July, neither one of us even knew what a blog was! We thought it sounded cool and young and hip, and if we're about ANYthing, it's being cool and young and hip...NOT!!!!

This blogging thing has created approximately 65 million bloggers so we're pleased as punch that they stumbled onto The Midlife Gals. Lawd knows where this will lead us, but our goal is to have our own sitcom, starring us, of course.

Here's our pitch:


AbFab in Texas / This Decade’s Golden Girls (on mushrooms)

This is the ongoing story of two middle-aged sisters, KK and Sal in Austin, Texas. They host a local access channel program on Sunday mornings with critiques of NetFlix movies. Together they consume Bloody Marys and enjoy appetizers as they discuss their latest Netflix acquisitions.

KK’s control issues are always prevalent as she and Sal interact. SalGal’s fear of conflict, any type of conflict whatsoever (except in the movies) also shows up when talking to KK. When not on the air discussing films, they serve as live-in caregivers for their 85-year-old eccentric mother whom they refer to as ‘The Ancient One.’

In each episode the quirky sisters take on characteristics of the actors’ characters from the latest movie they reviewed. Reality is intertwined with movie plot lines providing all kinds of opportunity for laughter, mayhem, madness or whatever the theme of their latest movie might be.

Sal’s flaw is that she trusts everybody and believes everything anybody says. Her views on movies are often ‘off’ to the point of total misinterpretation, but KK’s observations on films they review border on the insane.

Everyone in Austin knows the fabulous and somewhat eccentric Jackson sisters. They are omnipresent at everything from sophisticated charitable events, galas, upscale bars and expensive restaurants to the likes of Gueros patio, Maria’s Taco Express and Stubb’s Bar-b-que. Austin and her local talent will be showcased in this way.

‘Onward through the fog’ is their motto and ‘because you never know’ gives them reason for all their misdeeds. With delusions of fathomless dramatic talent, the sisters accidentally reek havoc wherever they go, leaving in their wake a trail of confused but love-smitten fans.

So, if you ARE someone or KNOW someone who is in a position to make our dreams come true...LET US KNOW! Clicking on all of our video links on the right side of this site will take you to places of laughter that you never knew existed!



God love us we're good. I have studied sketch comedy at 'The Groundlings' in Hollywood but KK and Pam are just naturally brilliant. They do stuff without thinking that some people take years of study to master. How about when Pam becomes the crowd at the Jazzy Scooter rodeo? She ran over from the Broken Spoke where she and her hubby were drinking and celebrating Elvis's birthday. We told her what we were doing, sat her in the chair and shot the scene in one take. She then ran back to the bar and we continued on with our day.

It's like nothing for KK and Pam to do a skit. Can you believe KK's accent in the rodeo arena? And how about Pam all lit up in the '12 Days of Christmas'? Hahahahaha...she's so funny! And how about KK in the 'Marie Antoinette' Netflix review? Nobody else's lips can physically do that. I'm not kidding. Try it.

I hope you like our videos and blog because we are not going to stop. It's a compulsion. It's like sex, or food or stalking the Wilson brothers. We can't help it.

We love ya and our aim is to make you laugh,


Christine said...

first of all CONGRATS on the MORE article!! can't wait to read it

second of all, just broke a rib laughing so hard at the Scooter Rodeo video. that is the funniest freakin thing I have seen in ages. you guys are delightfully dimented. I love it. when you get your TV show can I visit on set every once in awhile?

Groovy Mom said...

Hey, I've just been watching your videos. Funny! I'll have to add you to my blogroll, 'cause I love you gals already!

Mayrasmom said...

Found your blog in More magazine.
Will watch the videos later.

Vonda said...

As usual you two are hilarious. I can feel it in my old bones, you are destined for big things. Or maybe that is the creaky 50 year old bones kicking in. Congrats on the magazine article.

Liz said...

OMIGAWD. Thank goodness for the article in MORE. You are us. Ex-Texan sisters now in NC taking care of 71 yr old mother, referred to as "The Mother Unit" and a missing in action brother when work needs getting done, formally known as "The Chosen One". For us, it's Margaritas and Xanax. Absolutly hilarious. I'll be checking in regularly. Hell, maybe Sis and I should start our own Blog. Thank you Jackson Sisters and Thank you MORE.

Ruth said...

Holy shit, this is like looking in a cracked mirror. My sister and I, a/k/a the Fabulous Geezersisters, are also from Midland and have been blogging since October. (I now live in Austin and she's in Poland, for crying out loud.) Check us out:
We need to get together. -- Ruth Pennebaker,

Midlife Gals said...

We're LOVING all the comments coming in from the article! thanks, all...and Liz, we'd love to chat with you but don't know how to contact you.

KK and SalGal

Angie said...

Thank goodness for More magazine. I love the magazine and I adore your blog. With all the bad news going on in the world these days, it is so fun to sit down and watch something that makes laugh!!! Keep up the good bloggin.

PunditMom said...

Glad to be included with you in the article ... it does make us all sound pretty important, doesn't it! ;)