Friday, January 11, 2008

Civil Disobedience

For some reason, it is ingrained in me to disobey but to do it in a civil way because I was raised a good girl, so prison is out of the question.

I like to touch things I'm not supposed to touch, to say things that cause awkward moments and I feel it my civil duty to NOT let anyone get away with acting badly in public.

Now that The Ancient One is more or less our captive, I disobey her all the time. It feels good after having childhood memories of her saying, "don't make me come in there!" Now, I say to her, "Don't make me take your walker away." She's pretty happy to have free live-in help, so she behaves most of the time. She was even on board when we absconded with her jazzy scooter to make the rodeo video

SalGal and I live to tweak! If you give us just a teensy weensy opening, we'll try to make you get real and personal at a cocktail party. When SalGal asks a party goer what their dreams and goals are for the next six months, I just smile standing there next to her because I enjoy seeing how uncomfortable the person gets. We get some pretty amazing answers once they realize that we're relatively harmless. It's like telling your secrets to a stranger. It seems easier sometimes.

I will embarrass a grocery store check-out clerk until they smile and then tell them how beautiful that smile is. I'm waiting to run into the owner of the company I used to work for, because I have a few things to say to him about what a HORRIBLE man he is, but I need to do it in such a way that I won't be arrested for CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!

I am the Queen of nice when you're nice to me, but civility flies out the window if you're the cable company operator on the phone and I've been on hold for over 2.5 minutes. It's not pretty. I didn't live in New York for 12 years for nothing. I learned just how nasty one has to be to get anything done in Manhattan.

I think this political season promises to provide us all with scads of opportunities to civilly disobey when someone just mentions their favorite candidate. I will just say that I'm voting for Ron Paul and see what happens.



Civil disobedience - so you are disobeying with civility -or-you have civility but you disobey. Yeah, that pretty much describes typical action on a typical day for KK and myself. We hate to be told what to do. We hate authority figures and we scoff at Texas HIghway Patrol ticket givers. By the way can anyone spot us $2,500. for bail? We'll pay you back. Hey it was 90 on a 75 mph highway. Everybody in Texas does that.

Texans love to disobey. That's what the Alamo was all about. The Mexicans wanted us out of there and we said fuck you and then they slaughtered us. But that was because we didn't do it civilly. We got them back though. You don't kill John Wayne and Kirk Douglas and get away with it.

I like to disobey my cat when he demands that I feed him at a specific time, KK when she tells me to do my Yoga and The Ancient One when she wants me to watch 'Housewives of Orange County' with her. I run away and that's the best form of disobedience.

I only disobey when I can get away with it, well, except this one time. The $2,500 would be greatly appreciated and you can overnight it directly to the Austin City Jail on 6th Street. Hurry...


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TallsweetT said...

I think as a Southerner we are raised to be polite but we love to disobey, Hell! we've been stirring the pot since the civil war and it's 2008. Don't get me wrong I am a "good southern lady" but I do like to raise some hell. So you can call it "civil disobedience" or just that we all get tired of the bullshit rules and we just don't want to play by the stupid rules anymore. Me, I just like a good drink and say FU*K IT.