Friday, September 21, 2007

TV Premiere Week!

How midlife TV viewing differs:

I'll just go ahead and confess up front that I'm a TV slut. It had me at hello back in the fifties when there were three channels and David Brinkley was saying Goodnight, not hello to Chet Huntley. So, I'm excited about all the new shows starting this week and my old standards coming back.

Because I can't see my readers' faces, it's easier to say that Survivor is my favorite program. No apologies. And, they're in CHINA this year. SalGal and I have watched this program since the naked, tax dodging Richard Hatch won the first competition. It's shameful, I know. Here is an insight into just how sick I am about the new programs bursting forth:

Cable rules! I watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, Weeds, Entourage (except it's over for now), Top Chef, Iron Chef (any kind of chef, actually) and Paula Dean is just about the most adorable chef on the tube. Saving Grace is a great show that I just stumbled upon. That little bitty Holly Hunter has more spunk and irreverence than a woman half her age and twice her size.

On the major networks, I watch, Brothers and Sisters, House, Ellen DeGeneres, Good Morning America, Oprah (because, mark my words, I'm going to BE on Oprah someday), All My Children (I've been involved with the gang in Pine Valley since the day it started), ER, Sunday Morning, Face the Nation and Meet The Press. Here's the most embarrassing thing I could ever admit...I can't wait for Dancing With the Stars. I got sucked in last year and can't wait to see Wayne Newton dancing around in my living room!

Since SalGal rags on me all the time in this blog, I'm turning the tables today. The woman will watch ANYthing on TV. I came around the corner the other night to see a gastric bypass surgery program she was watching...with the blood and the fat and the surgeons and everything. She excuses herself by saying, "But, it's on the History Channel." Intervention is one of her favorite programs when she's not watching Court TV, Judge Judy or Dr. Phil. I have boundaries, but SalGal is a trash-viewing sponge, especially if Dateline is showing a murder mystery or child predators at the end of the day. She'll respond to this essay, so, don't listen to any of her lame excuses. She is worse than I am, and that's a fact.

Oh, I almost forgot. Major golf tournaments are my most exciting sports programs. I LIVE for the Masters and the Ryder Cup. I get a lot of shit for this one from my lady friends who compare it to watching paint dry. They scoff as I describe it as the most ZEN program on television.

There you have it. If I am what I eat and I am what I watch on television, I'm in deep trouble, wouldn't you say? Except for the ones who totally agree with my viewing choices. In that case, my 'tribe has spoken!'


Okay, I'll admit it, I love the flashy trash. I look forward to Psychic Detective, Hauntings, Mega Disasters and The Next Food Network Star. I Want To Be A Soap Star rocks. I am a film acting coach so that one is hilarious. I also go to an acting class every Saturday. In the last three months I've had the priveledge of playing and old Indian woman, an out of control, pissed off wife caught in a tree while being surrounded by fifteen foot long Monitor lizards, a witch and Amy on the West Wing. My teacher loves to 'stretch' my acting muscles as he calls it and I'm game. Acting is like a drug. It's not a choice we make to do this thing, it's a compulsion. It's like food... or sex... or lying down nekked on the tomatoes at the Randall's produce section. We can't help it.

So anyway I like the shows that are stories with actors the most. I had a great audition last week for a huge movie and I did really well. I will let you know when I get a callback and give you the info on the movie as we go along.


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