Saturday, September 22, 2007


How midlife redecorating differs:

If someone says to me, "Let's move my couch 3 inches to the left," I will have their entire living room completely redecorated in half an hour. The Ancient One was an artist, as was our Daddy, so we got the design genes, the placement DNA and the control issues...well, we've already covered that in another blog, but redecorating lends itself well to seeking control of one's environment...or someone else's environment.

I'm all about the CHI (now that I know what it is), and ya gotta keep the chi moving, clear things out, move them around, or your physical atmosphere will leave you stuck like glue to the sameness of it all. I move my furniture around about every six months when I've had one glass of wine too many of an evening. It's more fun than a barrel of monkeys to me...and when I'm done, I've got immediate, physical feedback of my handiwork that makes me feel pretty dern good about myself. Of course, when my friends come over, sometimes they forget that the chair is no longer in its usual spot and wind up parked on the floor by accident. They're befuddled by my move-abouts but always seem to love it.

So, last night, The Ancient One suggested that we move her couch about 3 inches to the right, and VOILA! This morning, the entire living room is completely different down to the paintings on the walls and all the objet d'art. SalGal always knows that I can't be stopped when the redecorating bugs climb on me, so she's totally game to help me move the chi! And, her sense of design far outshines mine, because she doesn't need to have the right angles I do. She can make a corner look like a page from House and Garden in a matter of minutes.

So, GET UP from your computer!...look around...move just two pieces of heavy furniture, and you'll end up with an entirely new room. Give shit to Good Will and hang your paintings LOW because when people come to your house they always sit down. Move that CHI!

Tomorrow, SalGal and I will tackle our closets after we have our nightly wine buzz going, so you'll probably hear about that too!


PS-Some of my blog essays have been accepted as a featured story by a groovy online magazine called, The Daily Confection, and when they're posted, I'll let you know. I will also have some musings on another great website called, The International Museum of Women. I'll spread the word when that happens, but check them out at


It was fun moving the whole house around the other night but now I have a crick in my neck and I can't even move my head around to see what we did. KK likes my decorating because I make corners and table tops into little stages. Being an actor and having my roots in the theatre, I make vignettes out of stuff and make sure they are perfectly lit. I might put a glass of flowers from the garden next to a book with a picture of Tony Bennett on it(the ancient one's favorite book) on the desk and then light it with a forties type reading lamp. Voila! You have the 'I Left My Heart in San Francisco' corner on the desk. I think I'll do a 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' corner on the kitchen counter. I could get the hatchet from the garage and that dead bird I saw in the yard and the chicken in the fridge and some ketchup and....hahahahah!!! That would freak KK out! OMG I'm laughing so hard right now I have to stop...I can see the look on KK's face right now...hahahaha....

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