Monday, September 10, 2007


How midlifers view technology:

Agent Laguna of the Geek Squad came to our house last night. SalGal needed help transferring data from her crappy Dell PC to a MacBook, and we hadn't a clue as to the machinations involved therein. Agent Laguna was actually dressed in the Geek uniform of short-sleeved, white polyester shirt, black clip-on tie, white socks and some truly geeky black shoes. He even had a badge clipped onto his belt. I had a husband once who dressed just like that.

Techno-geeks sit at your desk and instead of letting you do things on the computer so you can learn, which wouldn't benefit the tech support industry, they dothis/pressthat/movethis/dragthat, and voila...DONE! Then they leave and you haven't any idea what they did, why they did it or how to reproduce it in any way.

We had a few other tech issues that needed tending to, so before Agent Laguna left, we asked him to help us figure out how to work the DVD remote control, re-wire our printer for wireless and fix our ice maker in the freezer. He was great, as we asked our tech questions like, "Well, where does this thingy go?" and, "How does this gizmo work?" or, "What does this thing-a-majig do?"

Obviously my computer worked this morning or you wouldn't be privy to today's blog. We were able to watch our Netflix on DVD last night and our ice-maker overfloweth with chunks of frozen water.

We just still have the problem of not knowing how to get the "allow comments from any schmuck" to appear in order to get your feedback on our blog. That involves html script apparently, and not only do I not know what that even means, I dont' want to know. I have to draw the line somewhere. I've been able to maintain my position on the information superhighway's feeder road, but can't seem to get on the actual freeway itself.

Now, it's like my pepper spray canister...I'm terrified of pressing the button!


PS- SalGal and I are off to a self-help seminar out of town, so the blog will reappear near the end of this week. Will we ever have a few words to say on THAT topic when we get back! Tata.


I'm always learning about computers. When I got my first one and went online I found chat rooms. I found psychics on line and tried out a few of them. I waited for 30 minutes in the que to talk to Miss Sara Clara Rainbow who was telling everybody before me, 'Don't worry, true love is just around the corner.' When I finally got to her I said, 'Listen, Miss Sara Clara Rainbow, I don't want to hear about that shit. What I want to know is...what's the point spread on the next Longhorn game, is a tornado going to hit Austin and who the hell stold my purse at the Barry Manilow concert?!"

Now I'm more intelligent and I use my puter to do documents, answer emails and play poker for money.

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