Thursday, June 26, 2008

We're movin!!

We've been told that an actual website with our blog as the theme is much better for us as we grow and we can put more stuff on it and you all can comment without setting up a friggin' Blogger account (which is kinda scammy if you ask me).

NOT TO WORRY! It seems we've thrown some of you midlifers into a tizzy with this news. We will continue blogging right here until we're fully operational and have our new blog home all painted and decorated with cool stuff...then I'll post our change of address so as to leave breadcrumbs on the cyber-trail for you.

We are sooooooo getting SYNCHED up!!! And it will look REALLY groovy.



leezee52 said...

Cool...let me know when you set up house and I'll come over with a house warming present!

Maggie said...

Do we get to chase you down? Will you vanish into the blogosphere? Are you sending out your Change of Address forms?

Bill Evertson said...

Not what I heard! The rumor here is those midlife people having trouble actually died laughing. Plus Kk and friends were not off having drinks under the western sunset, but up all night digging graves, with the morning bloody mary to celebrate. Great work- and who says women can't crack the glass ceiling.