Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Posts at Health Central!

We've done our nutty blogs and a video, and they are now up on Health Central Network! Just click HERE and enjoy!

And, I have a P.S. on our last blog about hudlooms. I got THIS email just yesterday! I'll bet you've gotten these...does anyone know what the hell they are???

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Hmmmmmm. What a fascinating story!



janice misfit said...

Looks to me as though several conversations have intersected like in a chat room

catatonic said...

Often these emails include a trojan type virus or similar if you open them up. It's 'random' text designed to bypass the increasingly sophisticated spam filters we have - to a spam filter this sort of emulated text looks like it might be real so it's less likely to just be dumped straight into your junk mail folder.

If you get these regularly in your inbox you may want to up the security settings on your filter.

prin said...

I always figured it was Al Queda transmitting code to their sleeper cells. I don't get freaked out about much of my junk mail but these freak me out. I used to get at least 4 or more a week and they would be extensive and always tacked on to the bottom of another seemingly innocent email. Creepy. I hardly ever get them now that I don't have bellsouth as a carrier anymore.

Bear Naked said...

Gee---all my email is about purchasing Viagara.

Ted E is not amused.