Friday, December 7, 2007


Tomfoolery is another word that I just love. It means playful or foolish behavior, and I think it's safe to say to all of our loyal readers that we're all up in there on that!

I don't know where this came from however. The Ancient One perhaps, but that was way before we really knew how to exhibit foolish least not on purpose. We both do remember The Ancient One telling us that we shouldn't want to be like everyone else, so we took that ball and ran off the field with it. And, I do think that tomfoolery is a way of life, frankly. It can get you into trouble at the drop of a hat, and it's not for the meek or weak in spirit. It requires a great deal of brazen courage, faultless timing and a sense of whimsy beyond the norm.

Tomfoolery doesn't work if you pre-plan or attach any foresight to it whatsoever. You gotta just run with it when the occasion arises. If you watch our "Christmas Card/12 Days of Christmas," or the shorter video, Marie Antoinette, you will see tomfoolery at our very best! And, we were actually ASKED to do the 12 Days video which will appear soon on more than one website with millions of viewers. We'll let you know when, where and why.

With tomfoolery, one must never beg the question, why. If you have to ask, you just don't understand the concept. It can be taught, however. I live for the unsuspecting friend to wander into my web of tomfoolery, and after giving a brief demonstration of just how easy it is to make a tomfool of yourself, I leave them to it...although sometimes I have to triple-dog-dare them to force their hand...knowing that it is never allowed to turn down a triple-dog-dare.

I then rate them on a point scale as to just how shocked their audience might have been at their behavior. It's 10 points for an open-mouthed jaw drop...but only 5 points for a stifled giggle. You see how this works now? Aren't the holidays just a perfect opportunity to exhibit tomfoolery all over the your choice of gifts to give, your holiday attire or the way you decorate your home?

I challenge you to step out from behind the velvet curtain and embarrass yourselves as much as possible until the New Year, and then start again!


Tomfoolery is good for you and makes you live longer. Probably because you spend a lot of time laughing.

Oh, come on, let's face it, we have all done something so stupid that our friends told the story at cocktail parties for years.

We have all thrown up on somebody else's shoes at least once.

We have all waked up on the sidewalk in front of the capitol building wearing nothing but a red sequined thong.

We have all been strip-searched on the Mexican side of the border by the hairy, bull dyke, Juanita.....who sang 'Don't cry for me Argentina' as she stuck her finger up our ass.

See? We're just like you. We're no different.

Have fun and be harmless!

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