Monday, December 17, 2007


What a subjective word THAT is...time, right? Isn't it silly when someone asks you what time it is? You say, "Well, according to my 'watch (?)' it is 8:12 am." I suggest that we change that around a bit and simply say when asked, "It's the time when all the people get in their machines and move toward the buildings where they'll spend a major portion of the lightest part of the sun's cycle." On the other hand, maybe 8:12 am is better...or at least shorter.

Time zones....helloooooo? I think El Paso Texas is in TWO time zones. How does that work exactly? And, who decides about time zones? The government? Hehehehe...that just amuses me to no end.

There are lots of ways to describe time too:

time to go
time for sex
ahead of time
time line
time it
on time
Greenwich Mean time
in the meantime
time will tell
yada, yada, yada...

I think I'm fixated on time right now because I'm waiting for my literary agent to finally have TIME to read the manuscript that is my first novel, "A Texan Goes to Nirvana." She's been busy so I've been waiting for about 6 weeks! Consequently, I have lots of time to get freaky, worried, doubtful, anxious and excited. I try to spend equal amounts of time in each of those categories so I won't implode completely. That's why I am fixated on what time really is.

Here is another description of time...earliest other words, my agent tells me that she will get to it at her "earliest convenience." Her earliest convenience and mine are two entirely different time lines, however. And, so I wait...time to wait, lah-tee-dah, lah-tee-dah. I think I'll use this time to start a blog. Hehehe!


Sounds like KK is getting a little impatient with her literary agent. But you know, it takes a lot of time and dedication to write a novel.

Time heals all wounds. That's a good one. Time is of the essence. I never understood that one. Time is of the essence...
I think that means 'hurry the fuck up.'

Time seems to move faster the older I get. When I was a kid a year seemed like forever and at the end of one you couldn't even remember the beginning of it. Now at the end of a year I look back and the beginning seems like three months ago. And yet, sometimes a day seems like a week and then a week can feel like a day when you look back on it. So time is probably subjective for everyone because I can be standing next to you and feeling like time is standing still while you would be thinking everything is going in fast motion.

I like the term, 'take my time.' Take it. I'm going to take my time and enjoy it. I don't know where I'm going to take it but it doesn't weigh much and it can go pretty much anywhere. Wait a can't go into the past and it can't go into the future so it can only be with me now. And I am here now so it must be here too but I can't see or feel it. This is weird. I'm getting too existential here so I am going to exit in time to the music.

Time and time again. I don't understand that one either. I think it means 'quit repeating youself.'

Steven Hawkins, the famous physicist in the wheelchair, says that there will never be a time machine because there is no such thing as time. We made it up so we could cope with the laws of the universe and line it all up to make sense of it. Depak Chopra says the same thing and that we are all swimming around in the cosmic soup. So, put the timer on and cook me well done.

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