Wednesday, April 16, 2008

YOUR Comments

Because we LOVE your comments and don't necessarily have time to respond, we want to show the world what you all have to say because we laugh out loud when we see them on the blog:
  • You two have got me hooked...Look if a gay male in his 30’s love’s this blog.... Women are going to be eating it up.
  • You guys are toooo much. You need to take that act on the road. My friend Melanie and I cracked up. I showed the videos to Jan last night and I thought she was going to pee her pants. Keep 'em coming!
  • I finally got the sound fixed on my computer and nearly laughed myself out of the chair watching The Twelve Days of Christmas. And, who needed sound for the Marie Antoinette bit. The bow tie lips and who knew you could actually move your mouth like that?! You are both so wonderfully nuts.
  • I laughed so hard I snorted my mug of hot chocolate out my nose when I was watching your Netflix reviews. Thanks to you two I now smell chocolate constantly which does not help with my dieting.
  • I too have "An Ancient One"....thank God I don't have to live with her but reading your blogs is like you live in one of my closets somewhere.
  • My brother was the prince. He didn't do squat when my mother was dying either! Too, too funny this daughter/caregiver time of life. And thank goodness you have each other!
  • I looked at your Jazzy Scooter Barrel Race and laughed my head off. I yelled at my son to come in and look at it..he is paralyzed and uses a scooter..he thought something was wrong and in his haste to get in here, he dropped his laptop and broke off the corner. Of course this was MY fault and he yelled at me to tell me so. Not to worry tho, crazy glue to the rescue and all is well.
  • Your story about the poor rich guy with his Joan-Rivers girlfriend made me laugh so hard that I spilled tea allover my keyboard!
  • I think as a Southerner we are raised to be polite but we love to disobey, Hell! we've been stirring the pot since the civil war and it's 2008. Don't get me wrong I am a "good southern lady" but I do like to raise some hell. So you can call it "civil disobedience" or just that we all get tired of the bullshit rules and we just don't want to play by the stupid rules anymore. Me, I just like a good drink and say FU*K IT.
  • You are us. Ex-Texan sisters now in NC taking care of 71 yr old mother, referred to as "The Mother Unit" and a missing in action brother when work needs getting done, formally known as "The Chosen One". For us, it's Margaritas and Xanax.
  • You truly had me at "We want to scream out the window, 'Fuck you Bill Cinton and all you other cheatin' assholes!' " That and the cat named Damnit, or is it Dammit?
  • I just want to say I love the photo of the "Ancient One". She must be a character too if she let you do that to her hair. I say let her write a response once in a while to defend herself.
  • I began reading blogs because I'd like to improve my English.I found your blog a few days ago.I just love it!It's interesting and so funny!
  • Don't know why but I am laughing hysterically about the hungarian woman on your blog who's using midlifegals to learn english. please please please tuck that away for soemthing funny sometime. I can see the scene in the sitcom now. you & salgal taking a hungarian woman around and teaching her to speak texan.
  • I was forced into Catholicism by my stepfather (sounds like a great novel, right?) and do remember the ashes on my forehead. Jeez. It gives me the creeps thinking about it right now. As for giving things up for Lent...the shower thingy is promising (wink) and the toenail thing is beyond gross. There's no way I'll forsake my about liver? Hmmmm?
  • My ancient one lives out of state and you never know who you're going to get when you talk with her. You see she is enjoying every minute of her dementia, the rest of us are suffering with it! I talked with her yesterday and she told me that Daddy had fixed her chicken lizzards for supper. I know my dad, and he wouldn't have anything to do with a chicken lizzard, much less a gizzard. That elicited an "oh really?" from me. Bless her heart, she doesn't really know who she's talking to, my name has changed to "the oldest one", my sister has become "that whore", but you know the baby Jesus, (our baby brother); she always remembers his name. Go figure, she's had 50 years of practice using my name, and it's the first one she forgot!

Sooooooooo, we've got a zillion of these hysterical comments..and we'll do a part 2,3, etc...every now and again. Keep 'em comin!


KK and SalGal


Nancy said...

Okay, now Im upset...I missed the "fuck you Bill Clinton" post (or video?) and about dammit the cat...can you repost or tell me where to go? On second thought, dont tell me where to go...just tell me where to see the Bill Clinton post and the cat post!

Bear Naked said...

I am so enjoying your blog. You both have a wonderful sense of humour and I hope that my new (and first) blog can be, maybe, ten percent as good as your blog.

Anonymous said...

I too have an almost Ancient One who lives 3 hours away with a sister 20 minutes away. But I drive up there to take her to the doctor and clean the cat urine carpet. I decided that I am Cinderella and that I have 3 ugly (not -step) sisters. They are Lazy, Crazy (religion wise) and Cheap. I kind of added Snow White in there a bit. I have to laugh or else I would go crazy listening to the same conversation with a twist every night. And how long can one really watch the Weather Channel??