Sunday, April 20, 2008

Parties R Us!

We were asked to be part of an 'interactive' art party for a local arts group called, Women and Their Work by our friend, Christine who has a wonderful and wacky fly-fishing blog. She was on the party committee and coined the theme for the party, only with a twist...interact-out! If that doesn't sum us up, I don't know what does, so hell yeah, we said.

We were there to do interviews of the party goers and were given no limits as to what we could ask (they shoulda been kinda nervous about that). We met lots of funny, amazing people and discovered that after having a few drinks (both we and them)...people stood in line to be interviewed by us.

Our first unsuspecting prey, I mean, subject, allowed as how he had been the head of our local ACLU for twenty years and that he was married to a prosecutor. I couldn't help but wonder how THAT marriage worked, so I asked, "Well, now how does that manifest itself in the bedroom? Do you and she switch prosecuting her and then she prosecuting you between the sheets?" With a twinkle in his eye, he suggested that they always wound up with "a hung jury!" I then suggested that being the head of the ACLU back in the 80's meant that he probably smoked pot back then, to which he replied, "Hell, yeah, AND, I was out there protecting all of you people who were smoking pot too!"

Then, there was the man who told us about his tattoo which we wanted to see, but because he couldn't raise his shirt sleeve up high enough to see it, he took OFF his shirt in order to show us. It WAS a fabulous tattoo!

We interviewed women passing canapes, the bartenders and the elevator operators in the building. We also interviewed the head gals who put on the party, but only after they'd gotten liquored up and let their hairs down.

Evidently, we were quite the hit at the party and it's all on film! Here is a photo of me behind the camera. Okay, it was late in the evening and I'd had maybe one too many glasses of wine. What a party! And, the perfect way for us to insinuate The Midlife Gals' shenanigans into the teddibly, frightfully 'composed' social scene in the A-Town!


I love it when the teddibly, frightfully 'composed' social people of any town get drunk and start remembrances of when they last wore their 'fuck-me-pumps'. And that's exactly what happened. I'm sometimes even intimidated by these people until KK and I have a few too many ourselves and get them to loosen up and spill the bowl of cherries...or is it the beans...the glass of basil, lime and double shot of Cuervo mojito all over the ex-head of the American Civil Liberties Union.

I have to say I was disappointed in the pod they gave us. The woman who talked us into doing this gig in the first place and I won't mention any names (Christine) told us that there were some really cool 'niches'. To me, a 'niche' means an indentation in the wall and I picture some flowers, frescos on the walls of palm fronds and a cheap, sequined daglo 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' statue. That's cool and I could picture us in it.

We got to the party space and they showed us a white box with white padding and a chain link 'curtain'. It was like a bed that you had to climb into. Did any of you see that old movie where Tony Curtis played the 'Boston Strangler' and at the very end he was in a straight jacket in the all-white, padded room? Well, that's exactly what it was only about the size of a small walk-in closet. The chain link curtain was the kind of chain that looked like it belonged on a bicycle. It gave the effect of a beaded curtain and I thought it fit right in with the whole insane asylum theme.

It was very bright in the all-white, padded pod so we didn't need lights which was good. Once we got settled in and set up the camera I was feeling better about things but still I couldn't let go of my disappointment until the second mojito, two mint figs on skewers and a fabulous woman who when she got out of the pod her beautiful, silky dress got stuck in her ass.

Actually, Christine's creative ideas for the whole party were right on and the pod was perfect for us. As it turns out, we were stunning in the niche as we were the only things in it and we sparkled. Who knew? We interviewed everybody who mattered there and made sure they would each embarrass themselves by the end of the night. Right now KK is sending the big-wigs 'Thank you cards' and extorting them each for a check for one hundred thousand dollars or we will put their video on YouTube.

See you at the next social event? We'll be waiting...


Mental P Mama said...

Ummm. Video please.

Mage And George said...

Youse two brighten my days every day, thank you. Mage......

Treasia said...

Can't wait to see the video.

Snooty Primadona said...

Oh yes! Video please!

Stuffy people are always a lot more fun when you can get them swinging from the rafters, lol.