Friday, April 25, 2008


We've had a gigantic neon-orange sign with this warning at both ends of our neighborhood block for MONTHS! I'm not kidding. First they dug up all the sewer lines under out street and put new ones in...then, they were just about to pave the street when they thought, well, why don't we just put in new water lines as well.

I think maybe there is a REALLY powerful person who lives on our block who asked the city to do all of this, because they aren't doing it in the next block...just our block. Either that or maybe there is some 'whistle blower' who reeked havoc with the city and this is his punishment (and ours for living in close proximity). We're pretty PISSED OFF about the whole thing...except for the construction workers whom we know so well now that we call each other by first names.

When I lived in New York, if you said ANYthing untoward to the construction workers (who are always omnipresent in any block in Manhattan), they would just look at you and grin while saying, Fuhgeddabutit! That's why I'm so happy being back in my home state of Texas and in the A-Town where people have manners. They've actually stopped what they were doing and helped us with our groceries because we had to park our cars at the end of the block and walk them to our door.

Manuel actually told me that if I call the city and complain about how long it's taking, they'll be able to speed up the process. That's a first. Of course, because I'm a Texan (we don't even honk in traffic unless we're in imminent danger because it's against the law!)...I told him I would make the call, but didn't because I felt badly about complaining.

My car is so caked with dust that it appears as if I've just driven 12 miles of bad dirt road in a dust storm out at the ranch and come to town for supplies! There is no WAY I'm washing it until this is over, but when I'm driving up to the Four Seasons valet parking guys, they throw glances at each other as if I don't belong. I have to go through an exhaustive explanation lest they think I'm not worthy!

They say that they'll be finished by the middle of May. I've gotten so used to that beeping sound when they put the bulldozer in reverse that I make up tunes to the beeps' beat. I can't repeat the lyrics I make up for each song, because they are unprintable!

Wish us luck!



Those guys out there on first impression look like a pack of yellow and orange Disney characters. On closer inspection you realize that they look like the crew of, 'There Will Be Blood' after a late night at the Yucca Bar in Marfa, Texas.

I guess it is logical that these hard working guys would not put dressing for work as high on their priority list. If your work consists of moving, shoveling, and crunching huge blocks of cement all day you probably don't care that your five-o'clock shadow is white from dust, there are no ashtrays except for the six foot deep hole in the street and you smell like Humphrey Bogart in 'Treasure of the Sierra Madre.'

We love these guys just like we love the doormen at The Four Seasons and we care about what they think of us. Well, I do. I sometimes feel spoiled when I watch how hard they work. I'm so lucky. I smell good, read a lot, and come inside when it gets too hot. My car doesn't beep when I'm in reverse and I get to wear purple when I'm working if I want to.

Here's to the working men and gals on the chain gang,


Mental P Mama said...

Reading this gave me a psychosomatic headache. Good luck.

pollyvousfrancais said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

Yours is a blast -- made me laugh from the minute I clicked on the link!