Friday, April 11, 2008

Our First Live Performance!

We didn't mean for it to be and we weren't expecting it, but that's usually when it's the best, right? Sal and I have some really big fans at an editing studio where I have copies of our DVD of videos reproduced. The first time I took in a DVD to have copied a few weeks ago, Donnie, my man, Donnie, kept trying to call us later that day to let us know that they were ready. We were out that afternoon so he kept getting The Ancient One on the phone. Well, you all know how much old people like to talk on the phone to strangers...not to their friends (if they're still alive) but to service people, insurance salesmen or the catalog order department. She chatted up Donnie to such a degree that he put her on speakerphone in the office where there were four people in one room!

By the time I arrived to pick up our copies, Donnie told us about talking to The Ancient One and that they looked at our videos when they made the copies and loved them so much that they found our channel on YouTube, went there and watched every video we've done! We LOVE Donnie!

So, both of us took another DVD for copying yesterday around lunchtime. When we entered his office, there were at least 7 of his coworkers in the office sitting around a couch having lunch. "WHOA, it's The MIDLIFE GALS!" said Donnie. He introduced us to his colleagues with a brief explanation of who we were...asking how many copies we needed and then said, "Here's what I'll do...I'll make you 3 copies for FREE (and they're usually $25 a pop!) IF you and SalGal give us a live performance!"

It's pretty easy to do our shtick in front of our anonymous computer's's all together another thing to do it in front of other humans, but because Sal is an actress anyway, she said, "YEAH! We'll step in the hall and decide what we're going to do and be right back." CRAP, I thought!

But, I'll do almost anything to get something free, so what the hell! We stood in front of the group and re-created the video, Lizbet and That Bitch, Mayrie (sans crowns and makeup)...and the crowd went wild! Hehehe...and it was FUN! AND, it was practice for our potential sitcom!

We laughed all the way home....with my heart still beating out of my chest!



Well, it's a good thing KK will do anything for free booty because I will do anything to get up in front of an audience. I have done lots of stand-up comedy in clubs in Hollywood, Pasadena and even the Velveeta Room right here in Austin. If KK had said no to the trade I would have dragged her in, duct taped her to the chair and forced her to perform on threat of no mexican food for lunch. Luckily those extreme measures were not necessary as in reality she is a player.

I think our performance went well even if we had no idea or preparation, make-up people or dress rehearsal. Wait a minute, we never have that anyway. We never write down what we are going to say in our videos. We just get an idea and then each of us separately thinks of a few things we want to say and then...well, we let the muse of comedy take the ball and run with it. We may be a bit profane at times (we have gotten some really tragique comments on our Edith Pilaf blog) but we don't give a shit because when you've seen the joke you've seen the truth. There's no glamour in suffering for us. We wallow in our ability to turn any angst and turmoil into a trip to the twisted, contorted Cirque de Fukthat.

I will perform anything from Chekov to Billy Crystal if requested and given an audience of two or more. I'm an actor and that's just how we are. We cant' help it. We were born to stand up on top of the dome at the State Capitol building and sing 'Don't Bring Around A Cloud to Rain On My Parade!' We were meant to entertain, make people cry and climb the rafters for for a cheap laugh.

Lighten up folks! You'll live longer and we'll get richer. Empty the pool of dread and fear and make a conscious choice to revel in the hot tub of rubber chickens, pies in the face and snot-slinging guffaws.



misfit uk said...

Blimey, your famous now.Im in the presence of greatness.(You can't see it but I'm curtseying- not too low, gotta think of the knees)WELL DONE gals.Two thumbs way up.

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