Thursday, November 15, 2007

Point of View

KK: SalGal, remember that blonde woman at the party the other night...the one who had the long ear lobes?

SalGal: You mean the one with the dark hair and the green earrings?

KK: Did she have green earrings on? All I remember is that she talked for so long, I wanted to bitch slap her. Were those boobs real?

SalGal: If I was still in Hollywood I would guess no but I think they were real. She said she was married to the architect, didn't she? And she worked at the Four Seasons. That blue dress was sure low-cut, somewhat tacky.

KK: Dearie, she had on an orange turtleneck with black pants. Are you sure you were at the same party? And, she was a vet!

SalGal: Get out! An orange turtleneck not! What the fuck...this is that thing you always do that is so wrong. Your memory sucks after two margaritas and mine gets better. So I'm right and shut the fuck up.

KK: This is sooooo like you, Sal. Remember when you saw that midget at the store and thought he was a little boy...the one with the friggin beard?

SalGal: Well, hell, he had on a t-shirt with Big Bird on the back and I was distracted by the big yellow shape. Do you realize how UN politically correct the word 'midget' is? I think you're supposed to say stunted person or something.

KK: Oops! You're right...Vertically challenged is politically correct. I think it's safe to say that we see things a bit differently, the waiter who came to take our order that night at a bar and you thought he was a pervert and pepper-sprayed him. I rest my case. We had to leave him a REALLY big tip, remember?

SalGal: Wow...I thought that waiter was a bull dyke. Are you telling me that was a man?

KK: WhatEVER...

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