Thursday, November 22, 2007


I’m thankful around this time of year, but sometimes it’s for different things…like the space between my thoughts. I think God is in there. And, I’m grateful for the few times that I allow myself to listen to that God space.

I think sign language is about the coolest thing on the planet. I like different forms of communication, and the fact that someone figured out how to actually have conversations with their hands makes me thankful.

I’m grateful for windows that roll down with the press of a button. There are a lot of things about cars that I’m thankful for…like blinkers instead of reaching outside your window and having to use sign language to maneuver through traffic. I like the sound that my blinker makes too. I’m so grateful to have the car machine that takes me wherever I want or need to go in comfort, with music and climate control and paved roads on which to glide

I love my soap opera. I’m thankful every time I watch it because those poor people’s lives are just the worst, more troubles than you can shake a stick at which makes me so happy that my life is relatively mediocre and safe.

Even though I tend to bristle at positive criticism, I’m grateful for the feedback. It takes me a bit of time after my “Oh yeah? Well, bite me!” response to the feedback, but I most always come around to knowing that it was given in love, sent to help me be a better person and something I need to learn.

I’m thankful for room spray for so many reasons.

I’m always thankful for the time after I buy a lottery ticket…before they give out the winning numbers. I have just as much of a chance for the millions as everyone else, and my numbers just look like winning numbers. I have so many notions of how to spend my money and visualizations galore. Even when I don’t have six of six or even one of six, I’m grateful that there will be another chance at the next drawing.

I’m grateful for business cards. All you have to do with a stranger (especially one you don’t want to chat with at the moment) is hand them a card which tells them everything you want them to know…and no more. I like to receive business cards too. It makes me feel important.

Three-ring binders with dividers fill me with gratitude. I love organizational tools.

I’m immensely grateful to all the future readers of my first novel at the onset of its publication in the spring of ‘08. You’re all going to love it which makes me happy in advance.

And, finally, I don’t think anyone really knows WHO discovered America, and I don’t care because the Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect excuse to eat turkey, gravy, stuffing and pumpkin pie.


Ah...yes, there are so many things to be grateful for. I'm grateful for food. We get to eat pretty much anything we want and that is a very luxurious way to live. We are so lucky. Food is beautiful and there are so many wonderful colors; red radishes, aubergine eggplants, yellow squash, carrots, splinach, peaches and blueberries. When you put vegetables and fruits on the kitchen counter it looks so plush and rich. The colors make me grateful and remind me of how beautiful the earth is in its bounty. I love to cook so I am also grateful for cooking tools like cheese graters, lemon squeezers, spatulas, potato peelers, Cuisinarts and can openers. Here are some other miscellaneous things I am grateful for:
Bunion pads
Tooth brushes
Gucci scarves
Fingernail files
Chanel #5
Wax apples
Big trees
Down pillows
Cell phones
Kitty litter
Lady bugs

The world is great,

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