Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Boxers or Briefs?

I saw something so shocking the other night that I have to pass this on! My sister, SalGal and I were watching the old movie, “White Christmas” last night. It’s one of my favorite holiday movies…you know the one…with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye and Rosemary Clooney. In one scene, Danny and Bing are changing from their stage clothes into their street clothes in their dressing room…all the while carrying on this insanely quick and funny dialogue. There, standing behind an old steamer trunk, Bing took off his trousers and his white tee shirt rode up a bit too far to reveal his BRIEFS!

Now, this movie was made in 1944 and movie makers back then weren’t even allowed to show a married couple in the same bed much less show their UNDERWEAR! You coulda knocked me over with a feather when I saw that. And, then that got me thinking…boxers or briefs…I mean, when you think of Bing Crosby, would you ever wonder whether he wore boxers or briefs?

Personally, I think boxers are so much more manly and sophisticated, but I know that without any support, they can lead a man down the ‘long-ball’ path. Women are about as impressed with that as men are with women who haven’t worn a bra since they burned theirs in the sixties, for pity’s sake!

On the other hand, if the correct briefs are worn, and here I’m talking about men who actually buy sexy briefs to impress the ladies…it’s somewhat of a turn on…that upper thigh muscle and all.

I’m going to throw out some names here so you can imagine them in either boxers or briefs:

Brad Pitt
President George Bush
The Dalai Lama
Harry Potter
Hugo Chavez
Ellen Degeneres
George Clooney
Elton John
Al Gore
Jack Martin
Sean Connery

Hehehe…did you pause, close your eyes and try to picture each one in boxers or briefs? Those are shocking visuals, aren’t they? I should be ashamed of myself, shouldn’t I?

Which came first, do you suppose…boxers or briefs?



Ah, yes that is the question. But look at the other side of that. Does Meryl Streep wear granny panties or a thong? There is an inbetween and I guess they would be called 'step-ins'. At least that's what Pam's grandmother called her underwear which men in the service call 'skivvies'. But do women in the service call their undies that too? Or maybe they call them skivvettes'. There's the word we used growing up in the 60's in west Texas; 'undies'. My mother called her underwear, 'lingerie' which is much swankier and probably includes more thongs than granny panties which is what she wears now. She is the ancient one now so she doesn't wear lingerie anymore but the finer pieces are in a lingerie drawer with an Italian sachet that keeps it smelling pretty and those silken slips and bras and panties have been in that drawer for about thirty years. 'Panties', that's another word for undies and that covers everything but thongs. I wear panties. They are white and they are cotton crotched for breathing. I don't care about my underwear because I am not after a man. On the other hand, KK is on the market and keeps appropriate under garments in her lingerie drawer just in case a love connection should occur while out and about on the scene. She, of course, is not easy and the man will have to prove himself for quite a while before he will deserve the opening of the lingerie drawer but it will be worth it.
Picture this:
Paris Hilton in granny panties
Angela Landsbury in a thong
Rosie O'Donnell in pink, matching lace robe and nighty
Roseanne Barr in a yellow thong with matching brazier
George Clooney in a black, lace thong


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Janice Watson said...

After trying to visualise that lot in their underwear,I may never sleep again Thanks fo changing the font etc with my eyesight it was a struggle.Keep on blogging.