Tuesday, November 6, 2007


At our age, we really have nothing to lose, right? So, SalGal and I aren't the least bit afraid of embarrassing ourselves or anyone else.

Because I want to have a Mercedes C-Class four-door sedan, but haven't the resources YET, I got all dolled up, drove to the Mercedes dealership (because you can't do this affirmation in jeans and a tee shirt...the Mercedes people just won't believe you)... I introduced myself to the nice salesman who approached me as I was coveting the C-Class sedan in the showroom.

I simply said, "Hello. I am going to be in a position to purchase this car in about seven months, so I would like to sit in it and have you photograph me behind the wheel, please." He replied,"Well, okay...sure...no problem. (This is the beauty of these affirmations, people love to play with you!)

So, now I have his business card, a brochure about the car and a photo of me IN the car. He may or may not be surprised when I do go back to purchase that car, but he'll be glad that he helped me with my affirmation!

I have written my first novel and it's sitting on my agent's desk awaiting word from her that she loves it and can sell it for lots of money. This will allow me to go buy my car. But in the meantime...as an affirmation about the success of my book, I took SalGal to our local bookstore, BookPeople and found a gal in the store who looked like she might want to play with us. I told her that I had written my novel and wanted to do a 'mock' book signing. Well, she was thrilled for me about the novel. I had also done illustrations for the novel, including the cover which I had pasted over the cover of a book I was then reading...so I had a physical feel of what my book might look like.

Our gal at the bookstore...let's call her Shirley, showed us to an area where there was a big table and chair already set up for a book signing later that day...hmmmmm. She then ran around the area gathering up books to put in a stack on the table, a stand for my fake book and a pretty plant for the table. She was completely into the exercise, which made it that much more fun. SalGal would take a photo of me signing a book for a customer. So, we had to find a customer, which turned out to be a nice guy who was just sitting in a chair nearby, and we asked him if he wanted to play. He transformed himself into an eager reader and fan for the photo shoot, which is now stuck on our bulletin board as a fantastic affirmation and one that will come TRUE! After we were all done at the bookstore, there were hugs all around with well-wishes and good lucks to all.

I know that affirmations work and the more we play with them and actually set the stage for our dreams to come true, the more they will...the closer we're getting. So, think of something that you want...something that you want to do or a place you want to go and set up the shot of it to keep and look at every day and eventually accomplish!

Go play!


I have a picture of me in a red Lexus.

I rented a ball gown and wore my tiara to downtown Austin to the gorgeous, old Paramount Theater and actually stood outside and below the marquis. Friends of ours met KK and me there and KK took pictures of them holding up autograph books and begging me for autographs. Although it was a hundred degrees outside, it was fun and a real tourist was so impressed he asked me for an autograph too. In return for their participation in my affirmation I bought everybody Margaritas at the Driskill Bar and a good time was had by all.

I do my affirmations every day:

I deserve success.
Prosperity is circling around me.
I immediately and enthusiastically act towad my goals.
I am going backwards in time.
I look like Cindy Crawford.
Merle Streep envies me.
I give Wolfgang Puck pointers on how to do pizza.
My body makes Viet Nam vets take cold showers.

It could happen,
Sal Gal

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