Tuesday, August 14, 2007


How the middle-aged view friendships:

I remember when I graduated from high school. Even though I had been voted 'most obnoxious' of my senior class, I did have friends, and we all told each other that we would be friends for LIFE, no matter what. Of all those grandiose promises, I have 8 of those friends left from high school. The girls I smoked my first cigarettes with, the ones with whom I hung out at Kingburger on Friday nights and the ones who knew that behind my obnoxious, bossy, controlling behavior, there was a diamond in the rough. Although I'm still obnoxious, bossy and controlling, they still love me.

As I've grown older, I have formed what I call my 'golden circle.' It's a circle of friends with whom I share my deepest, darkest secrets. And, they share theirs with me. They love life like I do and appreciate every moment. They love me no matter what and, I, them. We all appreciate what a short trip it is and we want to be in it together. The ones who complain, moan and enjoy their suffering have fallen by the wayside for me. I just don't have time to waste a minute being negative. I can't accept that life is not to be lived to the very fullest as we laugh at all the symptoms of the aging process.

I'm not an easy friend. I have demands of my fellow travelers. I'm loyal and true and steadfast to my 'golden circle,' and I expect the same in return...and I get it. What a blessing to know that whatever happens, they'll be there for me, and I will be there for them...through divorces, diagnoses of cancer, family deaths or any of the other curve balls the universe lobs at us. I LOVE my friends. I don't feel alone or afraid knowing that they're watching my back. I hope the same for you readers out there who need helping hands on occasion, a shoulder, a fierce protector and the calm in your storms.

I'm waxing sentimental this morning with no apologies. Get over it.


It's not that I don't appreciate my friends but they are all actors and since I was a Casting Director for film for 25 years, they always wanted me to cast them in my latest movie. 'TWINS' comes to mind.
We were casting for Arnold and Danny Devito's mom and my best friend was bound and determined to get the role.
"Ahh could ply Arnold Schwartzennegger's muther jist as wayal ayas innybahdee ayalse!"
Oh, please! First of all, we would have to get you a blonde wig, and second of all, you are only thirty five years old! Give me a fucking break, Shaneequa!
So I find myself producing in Texas having moved here from Hollywood in March. It's okay. I'm a Texan and my mother needs help.
KK and I have lots of fun and she is my best friend. You can see from the picture.
Sometimes KK and I like to do something fancy. Doesn't everybody? So last week we went to the Four Seasons Hotel for 'High Tea'. All they had were some tiny, little cupcakes and some baby cucumber sandwiches. Hello! I come from Texas where High Tea is HIGH! And that means...4 o'clock on the ninth hole with a six pack of Bud, a bag of Fritos and a hash pipe.
Oh, well...look at the pictures of the film I produced and tell me if you want to see more.
Ta Ta for now darlings,

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