Sunday, November 2, 2014

Vote or Die!!!

This post was written by moi in November, 2012, and is re-presented here in honor of voting day on Nov. 4th.  Hehehe............

Our polling place on election day was at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in the cafeteria.  There were about 50 people inside, including the 25 election volunteers and ‘officials.’  Our first election in Hawaii.  Of course, the weather was perfect, with the electorate in flip flops and casual cottons.  We parked right out front, and there was no line.  Easy peasy.

Then, towards the end of the day, they ran out of paper ballots.  How can a state run out of paper ballots?  Wouldn’t it seem prudent to err on the side of ordering more than the numbers you might estimate?  That’s just me, though.  They allowed voters to use the only ballots they had left...ones in a FOREIGN LANGUAGE!  Now that I think about it, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are probably written the same in any language...but still.

And, what in the hell is wrong with Florida?  I think they screw up on purpose, just to get the attention of the nation...remember the hanging chads?  I believe that as of today, Florida has yet to certify their ballots.  Really?  If Hawaii can use foreign-language ballots and get their results in on time, why does Florida get to wait?  Archaic systems would be the description of our state-by-state voting regulations...a cluster fuck, to be sure.

After we voted, we went to lunch, where Sally ordered the Lame Duck.  I had Pork-Belly stew to start, then enjoyed some Corruption Mousse for dessert.  Sal ordered the Humble Pie, and as we left, the lobby was filled guessed it...lobbyists!

Now, we’re just hoping we won’t have to rent a hang glider for the fiscal cliff.  That’s why we joined No Labels... to stem the tide of bipartisanship and bring civility and progress back to the workings of Congress!  Take a look at them, join up...and we’ll be able to pull the ‘grass roots’ up from underneath our representatives and congresspeople!


PS- Sal is sick with a hed code, so she hasn’t a thing to add here! It’s all MINE!!

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