Friday, July 4, 2008

PLEASE come to our NEW site!

Try this link to our new home:

or this link:

or Google themidlifegals and click on our website, not the blogspot site. Choose the one that says Blog with this at the bottom:

Hopefully you'll wind up on our NEW WEB SITE with our blog and sooooooo much more! We're hearing that it's easier to get there if you're using Safari as your Browser. Thanks for your comments on the kinks at the site. We're doing our fifty-something BEST to figure it out. I'm still moving our blog post archives over to the new site, so be patient, please! If you don't love the new site, we'll EAT OUR HATS!!!

Please don't give up!

Kk and SalGal


Clarity said...


I'm a young filmmaker from London who came to this blog by accident. You as sisters are warm, witty and amusing even when I tried not to laugh. I adore the funny delivery coupled with the Southern accent. (e.g. "Deja Vu Review: 'you just had to be there, that's where that phrase comes from')

I can no longer see your "barrel race" video but hope that few animals were harmed during filming.

Best wishes to you and your mother (please stop calling her the ancient one :) )


April said...

i finally checked out your new site and it worked! although the email part did not, so i will leave a comment here! i love u guys! everything you do is hysterical! i always look forward to your blog!